Welcome to The Mermaid’s Treasure Trove!

Hello and welcome to my site! I make epoxy creations that will bring beauty and order to the chaos of every day life. Are you looking for a special insulated cup that showcases your personality? I offer different sized tumbler cups that are custom to each individual that comes with a lid and keeps your drinks hot or cold. I have a large selection of coasters, sets of 6 as well as two different 5 piece puzzle coasters. There are multiple different sized and shaped trays for serving goodies or corralling jewelry or other small items. Trays can come with or without handles as well as having a lipped edge versus no lip. Other items I offer are 3 tier stands for cupcakes or other goodies. Trinket boxes are always a hit and can even be added onto trays to make it extra special and unique. Feel free to purchase a pre-made item or email me for a special custom piece that you won’t find anywhere else!

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